Athlete Development

The Athlete Development Program is dedicated to providing local athletes and sports teams with the fitness foundation they need to excel in their sports. The objective is to ensure every athlete or team is provided with a sound off-season, pre-season and in-season training program which will improve performance and prevent injury.

Preventing injury is the key to increased training. Weight training is inherently dangerous and should never be conducted by uneducated athletes and coaches. All our coaches are Olympic Lifting Certified. We teach mechanics, function, technique, running skills and instill the value of technique before load. 

We know by virtue of our training system our athletes will get strong, they will run faster, and they will be more conditioned than ever before. However our goal is to educate the athlete, to increase performance and to prepare them for the demands of their chosen sport.

Benefits of a Strength & Conditioning Program for Athletes:

– Increase body awareness and coordination
– Reduce the risk of injury
– Improve speed and power
– Increase both strength and endurance
– Allow more time for sport specific skill development during practices

New athletes or teams can join onto the programme at any point as the training phases and S & C approach will work in sync to their season. This helps encourage consistency to the sessions for those wishing to develop, excel and progress further in their sport.

We currently have Athlete Development Programs set up for the following clubs

  • JERSEY RUGBY YOUTH (Under 13’s, Under 14’s, Under 15’s & Under 16’s)

If you wish to register yourself or an athlete onto the program for one of the above clubs please contact us by email by clicking here. If you wish to add an athlete or a new team for your chosen sport which has not yet been registered please contact us and we will customize a service based on your requirements.

Please see below images of our facilities and other local sports teams involved with Jersey CrossFit Gym.

Athlete Development

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