Strength is the component of fitness that underpins many other areas of fitness. If you are looking to increase your Speed, Power, Endurance or just to improve at CrossFit Workouts then get stronger!

We recommend that before starting these classes you are experienced within the compound lifts and have been participating in CrossFit workouts for more than a 6 month period.

This programme runs for 8 weeks and will focus on the main lifts: Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. It will follow a structured program, focusing on pure strength development and mastery of technique. 

What to expect –

Develop special strength from explosive strength, speed strength, strength speed and absolute strength.

Mastery of technique and the correct selection of accessory exercises to enhance the Powerlifter & CrossFit athlete.

Increase your Olympic lifts by special means and accommodating resistance.

This program is a FREE drop-in class for CF Unlimited members. Anyone else wishing to participate, please make sure you have completed your online PAR-Q by clicking here prior to booking your place.

If you wish to know the next start date of the course or have any other queries on this program please contact us.

To join up you can purchase a Membership and start attending classes on the class timetableOnce payment is received, your membership pack will be sent out to you regarding the sessions. Please Note: Payment must be received before you join on the classes.

In the mean time, checkout our website and if you like what you find, getting started is easy.

Join us here and become a member of Jersey CrossFit Gym!

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