The beauty of supplements is that portion control is taken care of, and they’re designed to provide great nutrition within a defined number of calories. On top of that, they are simple and convenient for today’s busy lifestyles. They therefore take the guesswork out of calorie and portion control, while delivering healthy ingredients.


PERFORM Supplements

The Next Generation of Raw Plant Protein – click here for all the info

For too long, there has been a divide between protein powders created for health, and protein powders created for performance. With PERFORM, all that changes. PERFORM Raw Plant Protein is a cutting edge, high performance blend of four plant proteins and BCAA, providing 25g raw plant protein per serving with a complete amino acid profile.

This includes the highly unique bio-fermented pea protein, which unlocks the power of pea protein without the use of heat. This is complimented with raw organic hemp protein, raw organic spirulina and raw organic chlorella, creating an exceptionally bio-available and nutrient dense protein blend to upgrade your performance like no other.

PERFORM at your very best

The unique multi-source protein complex is further enhanced with 6g vegan BCAA per serving, made from organic fruits and vegetables as raw materials. Most BCAAs on the market are not traceable to source, so we’ve gone the extra mile to provide the purest and most effective BCAA available.

PERFORM goes even further with the addition of antioxidant rich Turmeric Extract to accelerate your recovery, Digestive Enzymes to increase absorption speed, and Himalayan Salt for rehydration. Last but not least, it uses organic vanilla beans from Madagascar, and stevia leaf from the Amazon Rainforest to make PERFORM the best tasting protein powder on the market today.

  • High performance blend of four plant proteins and bio-fermented BCAA
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Enhanced with turmeric extract to optimise recovery and digestive enzymes for faster absorption
  • Silky smooth texture and delicious taste
  • 100% raw, plant based ingredients

ONLY £40

PurePharma Supplements

PurePharma provide the purest supplements possible. Their products are naturally produced, scientifically proven and are designed to improve health and athletic performance. For more info on their supplements click here

PurePharma Vitamin D3 – Our body produces Vitamin D in response to ultraviolet light, but researchers find that people are chronically Vitamin D deficient because they do not get full body exposure to the sun regularly. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, osteopenia, osteoporosis, bone fractures, insulin resistance, cognitive impairment, lowered immune defense and much more. ONLY £15

PurePharma O3 – Highly potent fish oil extracted from wild caught anchovies and sardines with customised EPA / DHA Ratio of 5:2 for optimum absorption. Health benefits are improved heart health, improved circulation, essential for brain and eye health. It also aids to help boost recovery from exercise, reduce muscle soreness, and improves athletic performance. ONLY £30

PurePharma M3 – Magnesium is essential for normal muscle function and plays a central role in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, but is at the same time expelled from muscles during exercise. By using only the most absorbable and organic forms of Magnesium & Zinc combined with proprietary absorption enhancer (Vitamin B6 and Malic Acid) we have created a product without compromise, designed for performance and recovery. Malic Acid plays a central role in the absorption of minerals and can help prevent build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. ONLY £25

PureWOD PRE Supplements

PureWOD PRE has been engineered as a pre-workout to take your CrossFit, endurance or intense exercise to the next level. PRE will keep the burn down, keep you energized and help push power beyond what you thought was possible. ALL of the ingredients are at doses that actually work – with no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or colorings.

  • Caffeine comes from green tea, so there is a nice consistent supply of energy with no harsh crash.
  • BCAA, creatine, arginine are expensive raw materials, but they don’t cut corners. These are all included in amounts that make a difference, shown by research.
  • Coconut water powder helps with hydration and keeps you fueled throughout your workout.

To learn more on why they used each ingredient in pureWOD PRE and what they do for you, check out their Learn page.

ONLY £50


To buy these supplements please pay in cash or purchase online and then pop into Jersey CrossFit Gym to collect. If you have any queries on any products please contact us

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