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Proper, balanced nutrition provides the nutrients you need every day to fuel your daily activities, promote and maintain a lifetime of good health and make your best shape a reality. The right nutrition is balanced nutrition. Committing to these simple nutrition guidelines can put good health within reach. 

  • Healthy Breakfast – Start your day right! Breakfast is important because it kick-starts your metabolism and provides energy for you to use throughout your day.
  • Small Frequent Meals – Reduced meal portions, eaten frequently throughout the day, help you prevent energy slumps and unhealthy snack cravings.
  • Nutritious Snacks – Fruits, vegetables and small servings of protein – such as nuts during mid-morning and mid-afternoon – help you avoid overeating at lunch or dinner time.
  • Regular Hydration – Ensure a regular intake of fluids to stay properly hydrated.
  • Essential Nutrients – Your body needs nutrients to function properly or your health will suffer. The nutrients known to be essential for human beings are proteins,carbohydrates, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins and water.
  • Vitamins & Minerals – These are an important part of a balanced diet needed to support your body’s healthy functioning and metabolism.

The increase of technology and packaged foods; our dependence on motor transportation rather than walking; our sedentary lifestyles; and our busy schedules that leave us little time for exercise and to prepare healthy meals has led to an increase in weight gain across populations. Our busy lifestyles don’t support the healthy choices that may lead to the development of problems in later years. Today, many of us are not getting what is considered essential for optimal wellness in terms of diet, exercise or lifestyle habits.


Nothing will take the place of eating a good and healthy diet. No supplement alone will help you achieve the level of health you desire and you will have to make lifestyle and behavior changes as well as taking supplements to achieve ultimate health. However, the beauty of supplements is that portion control is taken care of, and they’re designed to provide great nutrition within a defined number of calories. On top of that, they are simple and convenient for today’s busy lifestyles. The only supplements we sell have been thouroughly researched by our team. They are clean, natural products proven to aid individuals training and to support performance. To buy these supplements please pay in cash or purchase online and then pop into Jersey CrossFit Gym to collect. If you have any queries on any products please contact us.


Food Intolerance Testing

Over 45% of the population react adversely to foods that they eat, which whilst not life threatening, can have a massive impact on someone’s performance, quality of work and home life.

The way that food can affect our everyday life is often difficult to explain and it is common for people to try and eliminate foods from their diet to help themselves feel better. Often they don’t know which foods to try and eliminate and have to guess. Many people don’t know that identifying food intolerances can be an important element of optimising fitness, health and wellbeing.

Lorisian, has over 30 years’ experience, specialising in laboratory tests that measure food triggers (food-specific IgG antibodies).  The results offer a fast track or starting point for an elimination diet.  The tests are aimed at those that may have food intolerances, and those who want to optimise their diets by avoiding any foods that they are reacting to.  The aim is to promote wellbeing within the pressures of a modern lifestyle.


Whole30 Challenge

Certain food groups (like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes) could be having a negative impact on your health and fitness without you even realizing it. Are your energy levels inconsistent or non-existent? Do you have aches and pains that can’t be explained by over-use or injury? Are you having a hard time losing weight no matter how hard you try? Do you have some sort of condition (like skin issues, digestive ailments, seasonal allergies or fertility issues) that medication hasn’t helped? These symptoms may be directly related to the foods you eat – even the “healthy” stuff. So how do you know if (and how) these foods are affecting you?

Strip them from your diet completely. Cut out all the psychologically unhealthy, hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for a full 30 days. Let your body heal and recover from whatever effects those foods may be causing. Push the “reset” button with your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and the downstream effects of the food choices you’ve been making. Learn once and for all how the foods you’ve been eating are actually affecting your day to day life, and your long term health. The most important reason to keep reading?

This will change your life.

We cannot possibly put enough emphasis on this simple fact—the next 30 days will change your life. It will change the way you think about food, it will change your tastes, it will change your habits and your cravings. It could, quite possibly, change the emotional relationship you have with food, and with your body. It has the potential to change the way you eat for the rest of your life.


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