Saturday CF WOD

31 Mar

A) Partner Chipper

40 minute CAP*

Only One Partner Works at a Time

*E4MOTM 5 Partner Syncro Burpees

100 Pull Ups, Scaled Assisted or Ring Rows

90 Wall Balls RX (9/7), Scaled (7/5)

80 BB Lunges RX (60/40), Scaled (40/25)

70 TTB, Scaled K2E

60 KB Swings RX (24/20), Scaled (20/16)

50 HSPU, Scaled HRPU

40 Clean & Jerk RX (60/40), Scaled (40/25)

30 D-Ball Over Shoulder RX (60/40) Scaled (40/30)

20 BB Power Snatch RX (60/40), Scaled (40/25)

10 Ring MU, Scaled Pull Ups

Max DU's in remaining time - A Partner must hold bar used above overhead for DU's to count

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