Tuesday CF WOD – Midline Strength

27 Mar

Programming Note

Ok so today we hit some engine work with a tough little aerobic piece. Try and keep movement mechanics good dealing with high heart rate and fatigue. You may want to adopt singles on the cleans to keep a consistent pace but the rest should be unbroken.

The second part is gonna challenge your midline strength under fatigue. Focus on quality positions using the running drills in warm up, breathing and enjoy the sun outside :)

Lastly is some standard midline work focusing on various gymnastic skills. Complete up to 4 rounds at your own pace time dependant.

A) Warm Up

15 Mins

3 Min Aerobic, Hip Extension, Hip Capsule, Shoulder Flexion, Front Rack, Wrists, Squat w/thoracic Rotations, Shoulder Rollouts, Band Pull Aparts, Up Downs, 5 Mins Running Specific Drills Coaches Choice.

B) WOD 1

20 Minute Time Cap

5 Rounds for time

10 C2B (Int - Kipping/Butterfly Pull Ups, Beg - Assisted)

10 Front Squats @ 70/47.5kg (to 40/30kg)

10 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Power Cleans @ 70/47.5kg (to 40/30kg)

Rest 5-10 Minutes and get set up for next piece

C) WOD 2

10 minute AMRAP

500m Run

25 Weighted Abmat Sit Ups (9/7kg) / GHD sit ups (for abmat sit ups, adopt diamond shape with legs, touch med ball against floor behind head then touch med ball to feet - Click here for demo)

D) Midline

2 to 4 rounds

D1. Top of dip hold  – accumulate 10 to 20 seconds (Int/Beg - Feet Supporting/Top of Push Up x 20-40 secs)

D2. Hanging L-sit hold – accumulate 20 seconds (Int/Beg - Ring Tuck x 20-40 secs/ Seated Single or Double Leg Lift off floor)

D3. Bottom of dip hold – accumulate 10 to 20 seconds (Int/Beg - Feet Supporting/Bottom of push up hold x 20-40 secs)

D4. Arch Ups @ 1112 tempo 8 -15 reps / GHD Back Extension @ 2011 tempo 8 to 15 reps

E) PM Session

A. Alternate A1. Ring muscle up (big sets) – (3 to 4) x (3 to 12), rest as needed before A2 A2. Pistols, alternating – (3 to 4) x (10 to 20/side), rest as needed before A1

B. TnG (Touch and Go) Power snatch – In 3 to 6 (working) sets, build to a heavy unbroken set of 7 for the day, add weight ONLY if moving well, Rest as needed between sets

C. 10 minute EMOM 3 to 5 (deficit) handstand push ups

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