Tuesday Crossfit WOD – Team Time

01 Dec

arrive 5 minutes early and have the warm up and mobility completed by 6.10

A) Mobility 

Partner Shoulder External Rotation 

B) Warm Up 

Looking short ways across the hall

Crab Walk 15 meters

Bear Crawl 15 meters

Walking lunge 15 meters

Spiderman walk 15 meters 


C) Strength

10 minutes (5 sets)

LVL 1 Front Squats / LVL 2 Overhead Squats 

*Set 1 – 6 reps @ 65% *Set 2 – 4 reps @ 75% *Set 3 – 2 reps @ 85% *Set 4 – 2 reps @ 90% *Set 5 – 1 rep @ 95%

followed by…

One set of  Max Unbroken Reps @ 80%

(athletes are allowed only on full breathing cycle at the top of the lift – exhale, inhale, brace and descend – once more rest is taken at the top, the set is over)

D) Team WOD

9 Minutes

In teams of 4 (minimum)

Shuttles (5,5,10,10,15,15,10,10,5,5)

10 Burpees with 180 degree twist whilst jumping 

The next person starts the shuttles when one person finishes the shuttles. Join the back of the queue and wait your turn

E) Partner WOD

11 Minute AMRAP

9 Wall balls

6 Handstand Push ups / 3 Wall Walks

3 Power Cleans (80/55)

F) Power Hour

Three sets of

Tall Jerks x 3 reps

Immediately followed by…

Six sets of

Jerk with Pause x 2 reps

(Dip and hold for 2 seconds at the bottom of the dip, then drive.)

Rest as needed

Increase by 5% on last weeks results. Use Jerk Blocks if possible.


Work on a Weakness for 20 minutes 

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