Tuesday HIIT WOD – To The Max

22 Dec

A) Warm Up

10 x Squat Jumps

Lunge w/rotation 25m

5 x Wall Walks

Broad Jump Burpees 25m

10 x Push Ups

B) Strength/Power (12 Minutes)

Four/Five sets of...

Max Height Box Jump from seated position x 5


20m Front Rack Walking Lunge for max load

C) Accessory (10 Minutes)

AMRAP 10 Minutes

Deadlift x 5 (go heavier than when we did 8 reps on this a couple of weeks ago)

Barbell Push Ups x 10-15 (scaled Push Up HOG)

Slam to Squat Thrust x 15

D) Core

2-3 Rounds

Side Plank Hold on hands if pos x 45 secs each side

Hollow Rock x 60 secs


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