Tuesday WOD – Double Time

22 Dec

A) Mobility

Partner Barbell Calf Smash - 3-4 mins per person (Partner applies pressure on shins while calf on barbell)

B) Warm Up

10 x Squat Jumps

Lunge w/rotation 25m

5 x Wall Walks

Broad Jump Burpees 25m

10 x Push Ups

C) Plyometrics

5 attempts at a 1RM Max Height Box Jump from seated position

D) 20 Rep Benchmark

Three attempts at a 20m Front Rack Walking Lunge for max load


“Double Time”

Teams of 2, with a running clock. 1 Athlete works at a time for max effort aiming to achieve touch and go (TnG). 

AMRAP 2: TnG Squat Cleans (65/45kg) - scaled High Hang Squat Clean

AMRAP 2: Push Jerks (65/45kg) - scaled Push Press

AMRAP 3: TnG Squat Cleans

AMRAP 3: Push Jerks 

AMRAP 4: TnG Squat Cleans 

AMRAP 4: Push Jerks 

F) Partner Core

Partner Med Ball Sit Ups x 100 x Sit Ups for time (100 each)


G) Power Hour


5 x Sotts Press


5×1 Snatch Pull at 105% of 1RM Snatch

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