Tuesday WOD – Hey Partner, We Got This!

30 Dec

A) Warm Up


Then Barbell Skills Complex With Bar

5 Rounds of

Deadlift x 3

Clean x 3

Front Squat x 3

Push Jerk x 3

Overhead Squat x 3

B) Partner WOD 1

Deadlift  x 12 (100/70kg)

Push Jerk x 10 (60/40kg)

5 Rounds for time

Only one person working at a time. Both people need to complete total reps and then time is scored.

Then in same pairs

C) Partner WOD 2

P1: Farmers Walk x 100 metres (heavy as possible)

P2: Wall Balls Max reps

10 Minute AMRAP

D) Mobility

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