Tuesday WOD – Its All In the Thrust

29 Dec

A) Mobility

Tricep Band Opener - 2 mins each side

B) Warm Up

With empty barbell complete 2 Rounds of...

5 x Front Squat

5 x Thrusters

5 x RDL

5 x Push Press/Jerk

5 x High Hang Power Clean


Burgener Warm Up w/clean focus

C) Oly Lifting 

Level 1 - Same Progressions as yesterday so you can get used to the sweep. From here you can either work on Sweep to Squat Clean or a heavy 1RM Power Clean & Press for the day. 

Level 2 - Work up to a heavy 1RM Clean and Jerk for the day.


AMRAP 25 Minutes - Teams of 2 or 3

3K Run

120 Kettlebell Snatches (24/16kg)

30 Thrusters (35/25kg)

30 Thrusters (45/30kg)

30 Thrusters (55/40kg)

30 Thrusters (65/45kg

30 Thrusters (75/50kg)

Max Thrusters (85/65kg) in Time Remaining

1 athlete works at a time – split up as desired but must work on one exercise until complete.

E) Power Hour

Deload Week - work on a skill or mobility weakness

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