Wednesday CF WOD – Snatch

28 Mar

Programming Notes

Ok so today we are gonna work up to a heavy Squat Snatch for the day as part of an EMOM. One lift every minute, only movng up in weight if they feel good.

The workout today is to test your work capacity (and heart rate) at your lactate threshold (LT). LT is the edge over which athletes begin to “redline” which means that you should GO HARD today. This workout is designed so that it is possible you won’t make it to last AMRAP at all. This is ok.

This week is the last of our conditioning cycle. If you feel you want a rest due to the last few weeks of the Open feel free to rest today and tomo and get away from the gym. You can take this week as a deload if the body and mind is asking for it.

A) Warm Up

15 Mins

3 Min Aerobic, Goblet Squat (Hips/Ankles), Shoulder Flexion, Thoracic Extension, Ankle/Calf, Wrists, Shoulder Rollouts, OHS Therapy, Rotator Cuff Activation, V Ups, Snatch Progressions 5-10 Mins Coaches Choice.

B) Oly Lifting

20 Mins

Snatch – 10-15 x 1 @ 65%+, go every minute.

Start @ 65%, move up on weight every 1 to 3 sets if moving well on all lifts, otherwise stay with the same weight.

C) WOD (Lactate Threshold, Aerobic power test)

In a 20 minute window (for max rounds and reps in the last part)

3 rounds of

30/24 calorie row

60 DU (Int - 30 DU, Beg - 120 Skips)

30 WBS @ 9/7kg

THEN 6 rounds of...

8 Power Snatches @ 35/25kg (to 25/15kg)

8 Box Jump Overs @ 24/20” (to lower box)

8 TTB (Int/Beg - Hanging Knee Raises/ V Up/ Sit Up)

THEN in the remaining time, AMRAP

8 Thrusters @ 35/25kg (to 25/15kg)

8 Pull Ups (Int/Beg - Jumping Pull Up)

8 Bar Facing Burpees

D) PM Session

Clean – (12 – 15) x 1 @ 75%+, go every minute. Start @ 75%, move up on weight every 1 to 3 sets if moving well on all lifts, otherwise stay with the same weight.


A. Back squat – 3 x 5 @ 60%, rest 2 minutes between sets

B. Alternate (1 set of each movement for 3 rounds) B1. Push press – 3 x 3 @ AHAFA, rest 1 minute before B2 B2. Arm over arm standing sled pull – 3 x 12m @ AHAFA OR single arm DB row – 3 x 8 @ AHAFA, rest 2 minutes before B1

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