Wednesday WOD – Hell On Xmas Eve

23 Dec

A) Mobility

Partner Band Hip Extention - 2 mins each side

B) Warm Up

Run 400m

Then 2 Rounds of:

Banded Good Mornings x 20

Squats x 20

SLDL x 20 each side

Double Unders x 50

C) Strength Endurance

Build up weight to be used in strength element, then...


Odd: 10 x Deadlifts (125/85kg)

Even: 10 x Front Squats, (95/65kg) – no racks and good luck with this

2 Mins rest, then straight into


In todays WOD Cindy = 5 x Burpees, 10 x Push Ups, 15 x Squats

100 Double unders

5 rounds of Cindy

80 Double unders

4 rounds of Cindy

60 Double unders

3 rounds of Cindy

40 Double unders

2 rounds of Cindy

20 Double unders

1 round of Cindy

2 Mins rest, then straight into...

E) Finisher

10 x 250m, :30 Rest

(get through as many 250m runs as possible in remaining time, aiming for 10 sets)

F) Midline (if time)

25 RDL (moderate weight)

25 Weighted V Ups

25 RDL (moderate weight)

G) Power Hour

Feet Up, Slippers On and Play some relaxing Xmas Music with the family

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