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Jersey CrossFit Weightlifting Club is home to Jersey’s largest licensed Olympic Weightlifting Facility. Olympic Weightlifting has grown in popularity due to the rise of CrossFit. So much so,  that in early 2019 we decided to establish a dedicated club. Our aims are to establish a number of lifters on the National stage, in either CF or Weightlifting competitions.

The JCF Weightlifting Club focuses exclusively on position, technique, and mobility for those who seek a deeper base of knowledge on which to build their lifting prowess. The class focuses on the movements of the snatch and clean & jerk, and helps make the adjustments necessary to advance in these lifts. The club trains hard, with the aim to help individuals prepare for competitions throughout the year. Competing is crucial to developing confidence in your lifts and vital experience to tackle the pressures of competitive lifting and competitions, whether in CrossFit or Olympic Lifting.

Our Coaching Team has extensive knowledge within the Sport of Weightlifting and are Certified British Weightlifting Coaches. We pride ourselves on offering a professional,  safe and supportive training environment. If you wish to learn Olympic Weightlifting the correct way – then look no further! This is about your development as an individual with us there to support your journey and to celebrate your personal bests.

Become A Member

The JCF Weightlifting Club comes as part of your Unlimited CrossFit Membership, however, you can just join the Weightlifting Club membership below to also gain access. These main club sessions are for intermediate/advanced level.  Our Club is open to anyone who wants to learn Olympic weightlifting – YOU DON’T NEED TO CROSSFIT!

Weightlifting Club Unlimited



Certified British Weightlifting Coaching 

3 x 90 Min Weightlifting Sessions Weekly

Specific Weightlifting Programming Cycles

Open Gym Membership

SugarWOD Athlete Log


8 Week Intro Course

Our Club also runs an 8 week beginner’s course where you can develop your basic skills safely in a supportive environment before you join the wider sessions of the club.

The 8 Week Intro Course focuses exclusively on the correct technique for weightlifting and is designed for beginner to intermediate level. Athletes will work on improving their abilities in the snatch and the clean and jerk through drills, technique work, accessory exercises and of course plenty of classic lifting. We encourage all those who participate in CrossFit or just starting out to enrol on this course as form and technique are of crucial importance to success in weightlifting.

The course runs for 8 Weeks, which includes week-by-week progressive drills to help develop your technique. It is for those who have never been exposed to weightlifting and those who seek a deeper base of knowledge on which to build their skillset; trainees are encouraged to start here unless they have significant experience with weightlifting. Sessions currently run 7-8pm on Mondays.

To get started you can register for this course for FREE if you are a current CrossFit Unlimited member.  This can be done by visiting your TeamUp account and clicking on Courses which will show the dates/times of the next available course. 

Non members can enrol on this course by clicking here at a cost of £120.  

If you have any other queries on our Weightlifting Club services please contact us.


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