Friday WOD – Hey Big Boy

27 Mar

A) Warm Up

Run 400m

Then 3 Rounds of

Jumping Jack x 20

Squat x 15

Mountain Climbers x 10

Plank Walk Down (w/push up) x 5


Lacrosse Shoulders / Band Shoulder Distraction


Run 1km

Air Squats x 100

Double Unders x 90 (270 x singles)

Diamond Sit Ups x 80

Push Up (HR) x 70

Ball Slam x 60 (9/7kg)

Hang Power Clean x 50 (45/30kg)

Toes 2 Bar (scaled - V Ups) x 40

Push Press x 30 (45/30kg)

Burpee x 20

Pull Up x 10

Run Hard 400m

For Time (35 minute Cap)

C) Flexibility

Hold Pike Stretch for 2 Minutes

Hold Pancake Splits for 2 Minutes

Hold Downward Dog for 2 Minutes

D) Power Hour

20 Minutes Power Snatch/OH Squat/Snatch Balance Technique


Power Snatch x 7 (45/30kg)

Overhead Squat x 7 (45/30kg)

Snatch Balance x 7 (45/30kg)

7 Rounds for time


Mobility on tight areas

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