Monday CF WOD – Aerobic Power Intervals

26 Mar

Programming Note

Week 6 of 6 of this Open cycle. Last week on this strength phase on Back Squat and high volume strict C2B so keep looking to improve upon last weeks data.

The WOD is high power aerobic intervals. You will get rest after each set, so try and aim for EVEN times every round and keep a set pace. The aim is to develop your ability to sustain a high, consistent work rate at shorter time domains as we reach the peak of this cycles aerobic pieces.

A) Warm Up

15 Mins

3 Min Aerobic, Hip Extension Bands, Goblet Squat Hold, Shoulder Flexion Bands, Shoulder Rollouts, Mini Band Activation/Squats, Active Hollow Body Bar Hang, Divebomber Push Ups, Lying S-Waves, Reverse Snow Angels.

B) Strength

Back Squat @ 20X1; 4 x 3 @ 86-90%, 0:90 (Int/Beg - 4 x 5)


Wide grip strict chest to bar pull up @ 1010; 4 x 3f / 2f / 1f /, 2.00 (Int/Beg - Assisted)

Set 1:stop 3 reps before failure, Set 2: 2 reps from failure, Set 3: 1 rep from failure, Set 4 to failure. Aim for more repetitions than last week!


3-6 Rounds @ HIGH aerobic effort...

6 Bar Muscle Ups (Int - C2B, Beg - Pull Up/Assisted)

8 Deadlifts @ 100/70kg (Int - 70/45kg, Beg - 50/30kg)

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″ (Int/Beg - lower box)

12 Cal Assault bike

Rest 0:90 secs after each round

PM Session

A. Snatch – (15 – 20) x 1 @ 65%+, go every minute. Perform the reps in 2 waves: On first wave (8 to 10 reps) start @ 65% and move up on weight every 1 to 2 sets if moving well, build to no higher than 85%1RM then take the weight down by 10-15% and build back up (as form allows) with the remaining reps.

B. Clean and jerk – (4 – 8) x 1 @ 85-95%. Build to a heavy single (1) for the day, aim for 4 to 8 lifts @ 85-95%1RM range

2. Strength

B. Alternate B1. Strict press – 3 x (3 – 5) @ 86-90%. Increase overall volume (load and/or repetitions from last week), rest 1 minute before B2 B2. Back rack walking lunge – 3 x 10 (5/side) @ AHAFA (increase load from last week), rest 2 – 3 minutes before B1

C. Conditioning

6 x 60 second AMRAP

6 overhead squats @ 60/40kg

12 toes to bars

Max rep air squats

REST 60 seconds between intervals


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