Saturday WOD – Clean Up

26 Sep

A) Warm Up

Junkyard Dog Warm Up

Squat Clean Using Burgener Techniques

B) Technique/Movement Quality (15-20 Minutes)

Four sets of:

Pause Front Squat x 5 reps @ 44X1 

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Please note the tempo prescription – this is a slow, 4-second descent followed by a 4-second pause at the bottom. The athlete should then attempt to move the barbell quickly back to the starting position, pause for a full breath and brace at the top, and repeat for 5 reps.

Quality of movement should be your first priority. These tempo prescriptions can help you develop awareness and body control by giving you an opportunity to “feel” which muscle groups are activating to keep you in proper positions. This can help teach to keep your chest up, knees out and lumbar spine neutral by allowing the time to “feel” those positions throughout the four phases of the lift. 

C) Oly Lift

In 15-20 Minutes...

Find your 1 RM High Hang Squat Clean

Build by feel. Load should be secondary to perfect mechanics. If the rep isn’t technically perfect, do not add load and make sure others do not either.


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

Deadlift x 1 rep 

High Hang Power Clean x 1 rep

Front Squat x 1 rep

Push Press x 1 rep

You must perform 5 burpees any time the weight settles on the ground without holding the bar. Loading - 80/60kg.

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