Thursday CF WOD – CP Battery Work

29 Mar

Programming Notes

Starting off today with some skills, standard EMOM with involving gymastic & odd objects.

The first WOD is high CNS, and the weight is meant to be challenging. I would suggest working off around 70-75% off your 1RM C & J to get the real benefit of this piece. Its meant to be CP battery work, so if this is too light you will just fly through this too quick. Obviously only go as heavy as form allows, but its ok not to get 100% perfect reps during or by the end of the workout, thats all part of the challenge on the brain to try and keep focused during a fatiguing state.

The second workout is looking to work on your pacing. So the idea is you build upon the pace as you go. The first round should be your slowest, and the last round your fastest. Imagine a 2km run for time. Set the pace, build, and burst when the finish is in sight. You can learn a great deal from this piece today about yourself if you do this right!

A) Warm Up

15 Mins

3 Min Aerobic, Hamstring/Hinge, Shoulder Flexion, Shoulder Internal Rotation, Inchworm, HSH, Light Russian KBS, Floor To Standing Rope Pulls, Up-downs, Lunge Complex, Double KB Snatch Technique. 

B) Skills

10 Min EMOM

Odd -  HSW x 10-15m (Int - HSW x 5m/HSH x 40 secs, Beg - Wall Walks x 2-4)

Even - Double KB snatch, build to a heavy five. Start light weight + add load each minute if form still good.


12 Min Cap

For Time

9-7-5 Power Clean & Jerk @ 100/70kg (to 50/30kg)

4-3-2 Legless Rope Climbs (Int - 12ft or Rope Climbs, Beg - Floor To Standing  x double reps)

Rest 5:00

D) WOD 2

10 Min Cap

3 Rounds For Time @ Increasing Pace each round

21 Cal Bike

15 KBS @ 32/24kg (to 12/8kg)

9 Burpees

E) PM Session

Full rest day today and the weekend ready to start a new cycle fresh and eager.

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