Thursday WOD – Double Girls

24 Jun

A) Warm Up

3 Minute Run

20 Light KB Swings

20 UW BB Back Squat

10 UW BB High Hang Clean & Jerk

2 Rds: 10 Push Ups + 10 Rows

3 Mins Hip Capsule Mobility

B) Barbell Conditioning

Teams of 2:

AMRAP 7 of Back Squats:

50 reps at (60/45kg)

50 reps at (80/60kg)

AMRAP at (100/70kg)

2 min Rest

AMRAP 7 of Bench Press:

50 reps at (65/40kg)

50 reps at (75/50kg)

AMRAP at (85/60kg)

2 min Rest

AMRAP 7 of Strict Pull ups:



3 Rounds

400m Run

21 KBS (24/16kg)

12 Pull Ups

Straight Into


30 C & J (60/40kg)

D) Sport

Recovery Day


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