4 Week Couch To CrossFit

So, you want to try out CrossFit? Well then maybe our Couch to CrossFit program is for you? This four-week program will take you from a complete beginner to a CrossFit addict, all in a safe environment with qualified CrossFit Trainers.

Join Our 4 Week Couch To CrossFit Program Today!

Get Strong, Feel Confident and Look Your Best!

Each class will last for 1 hour and comprises a briefing around the whiteboard, a warmup, the lesson, and a short debrief.

What’s Included?

4 Weeks Unlimited CrossFit Membership – Attend as many classes as you like in 4 Weeks.

Complete 4 Week Nutrition Guide – This guide will help supercharge your results!

Your Own Private Coach – 24/7 access during the 4 weeks for you to feedback anything you like to your private coach

Small Group Fundamentals Session ​- This 60-90 minute intro session will teach and guide you through the basics of CrossFit.

Remodel Yourself In 4 Weeks!

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Why Jersey CrossFit Gym?

We are the place people go to change their lifestyle.

We help people change their lives. And we want to help you!

When you belong to Jersey CrossFit, you aren’t joining a gym…you are joining a results driven program that is proven to change your lifetsyle. Every session is led by one of our coaches who will work with you to achieve your personal goals and will push you more than any other program will to remodel yourself.

Change Your Lifestyle

Our programs are specifically targeted to help you burn fat, get stronger and become more confident. When you start training here at Jersey CrossFit, you won't want to leave. We strive to be the third place in your life. Your Home. Your Work. Your Gym.

Improve Fitness And Strength

What sets us apart from other gyms is that your progress is measurable. Not only will you see changes in how your clothes fit and see the scale move, but you will see your strength go up, your running become faster. Don't be surprised if you do things in here you never though you'd be able to do before!

Have Fun

What's the point of transforming your body if you can't have fun and enjoy yourself? We work our butts off here at Jersey CrossFit and chances are you'll get more work done in an hour here than anywhere else. But we also want you to have fun and become a rockstar in the process!

We will help you get results. Just Ask Katie.

“Since joining Jersey CrossFit my body shape has changed considerably losing over 25cms from my waist alone…. I’m much happier in myself and much more confident. I’ll never look back. I love the training, I’ve made some amazing friends and we now have an awesome box to train at!

I would highly recommend to anyone of any age, shape or size because everything can be scaled and the sense of satisfaction you get from progressing from scaled movements to the full movement is amazing!”

Give Us A Try. You’ll Be Glad You Did. Ask Linda.

“CrossFit was a natural progression from personal training, offering group sessions of high intensity functional exercises. Whilst price should never be a factor over quality, it is definitely a consideration. The monthly all in tariff offers the member endless classes. Personally I have had a great time since joining. I am one of the oldest Crossfitters and work out alongside all ages and abilities. It’s a great motivator and encourages a real group spirit. There is no excuse not to try it, it caters for everyone and you are guaranteed to improve your fitness, body shape and circle of friends. I just LOVE it.”

“We can’t wait to help you change your life, get in shape and get the body that you’ve always wanted!”

Joe Murphy & Grant Hogan
Co-Owners, Jersey CrossFit Gym

4 Weeks Personalised Coaching

We know you'll have questions for your coach when you are here...from nutrition, to training, to everything in between. That's totally cool with us and your private coach will be with you every step of the way.

Their mission is to help you so anything you need...ask away.

Ready To get Started?

We have limited space!

Each 4 week intake will be for just 10 people to ensure that you all get the focused coaching you need!

Want in? Click Below To Take Action…ONLY £145!!

Have A Question?

What is the first step once I join?

Once you join you will be required to meet up with a JCF coach who will take you through a small group 60-90 minute intro session. This will teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit so that you can be safe in your workouts. It will take place on the Saturday of your course start date at 10:30am. After completing this session, you can start your 4 Weeks!

You will also have complete access to a private coach through email and/or personal mobile phone during this period. We want you to succeed!

What is your schedule?

We have classes running Monday-Friday between 6.00-8am, 12.00-2.00pm and 4.30-7.30pm. Saturday times run between 8.00-12.00pm and Sunday between 9.15am-10.45am.

If I am out of shape can I still do the program?

Yes, we have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to all fitness levels.

Does it include a nutrition plan too?

Yes, we will provide you with a guide telling you exactly what and when to eat so you can get the most out of your 4 weeks!

How can I get a hold of you if I have a question?

You can email us at admin@jerseycrossfit.je

What if I fail to attend my small group intro session?

If you cannot attend the small-group intro session, please contact us to arrange a 1:1 personal training session at a time/day that suits you (there may be an additional charge for this)

Contact Us

If you have a question or would like some more information, please feel free to contact us.

Call us on

Grant - 07700327601

Joe - 07700705145

Or, come see us in person at
Jersey CrossFit Gym, 24 Commercial Buildings, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3NB

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