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A good personal trainer is part coach, part cheerleader, part kinesiologist, part physicist, and part fan. We’d like to think we know more about building habits and creating workouts you’ll love than anyone else. These days, we find ourselves doing a lot of things that others won’t and we keep pushing ourselves to find new techniques for our clients. We’re comfortable being uncomfortable. Even our personal trainers coach and train each other. Everyone needs a coach!

Your path to self-betterment starts with an assessment: what are you already doing right? How can we use your strengths to leverage improvement…how can we help you get used to success? Key to the perfection of technique and effective scaling of workouts is the Coach. Jersey CrossFit trainers are some of the best in Jersey; many have over 10 years experience, hold a minimum 4-year degree and some hold advanced degrees (Masters) More importantly: they love coaching. They love helping people progress!


See huge improvements in your chosen goals and attain the knowledge to help you continue to advance your skills & confidence in fitness. To do this we run various private personal training packs to be used as and when you wish to use them. 

What do these include?

– Packs of 10 x 45 Minute Personal Training sessions to be used as and when (valid for 24 weeks).

– Goal Review, Nutrition Check, Body Stats and Fitness Assessments.

– We use the TrueCoach mobile app for PT. It provides better 1:1 communication and you can also track your results.

– The workouts are personalized and linked to a client’s stated goals. We focus on success and will use any workouts that get clients closer to their goals.

– Upon sign up you will be setup on our mobile app and then booked in for your first session. Here you will meet your coach in person for a consultation, body stats and short assessment.



Receive targeted coaching to address your weaknesses from an expert coach, targeted homework assignments and video to review!

Sooner or later, most people in a group program will reach a point where one-on-one attention is required to address sticking points. Skill sessions are critical to helping you overcome fears and frustrations and critical to helping you put your mark on your training progression. Time spent outside the group setting can be a pivotal game changer but only if you approach it the correct way.

This one-on-one coaching session is a high-value proposition. Yes, it’s going to be more intense in many ways than throwing down with buddies in the 8 a.m. class. It’s much more fun to do 30 clean and jerks for time next to friends, for example, than to fine-tune technique in front of one trainer. But the session provides a chance to really work on sticking points and create much more efficient movements that you can transition back into your group training sessions.

Your coach may need to video your movements to review during the session. After the session your 1:1 coach will also demonstrate exercises that will help you and assign homework via TrueCoach app (to be done during open gym time, or before/after class if space permits). 



If you are two or three people with similar capabilities and goals, or even people who just want to train together, you can be put in the same training slot with a private coach. Ideally, people will follow the same training plan between sessions (including “homework”). 
Here we can group together individuals whose needs vary by degree, not kind. The workouts will address general instead of specific needs, and gives you the chance to train with friends and family. By choosing this option each member can save money and often members work harder when they had training mates!


Taken by a qualified L1 CrossFit Mobility Coach for 45 minutes. In these sessions you will learn how to assess your own mobility issues and be given the tools to fix poor movement patterns or mobility dysfunctions. For those with injuries or mobility issues that affect your workouts, we will discuss appropriate modifications or scaling to give you a great work out while preventing further harm.
The time will be spent on treatment including; manual work (soft tissue and joint mobilization), voodoo flossing, activation techniques and exercise/mobility prescription as needed.
After the session you will be given a mobility prescription as Homework via TrueCoach that will be specific to your needs to be done in your own time.

If you have any other queries on becoming a member please contact us.

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